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Sep 9, 2022

This episode will forever be near and dear to our hearts and to our WGTHO family. Right before the summer, and a month after this recording, we lost our friend and WGTHO champion, Moriah Wilson. We kept this recording off the air to allow for The Wilson family and those close to her to grive and heal. Now that we are starting our new season we wanted to begin by remembering the legacy of an extremely bright star and a friend that we continue to think of and will forever hold close the memories we have with her.

Moriah Wilson was an incredibly talented cyclist who started off this year with 7 wins and one second place finish including the very first race of the Lifetime Grand Prix. We caught up with "Mo" directly after her win and several reschedules. Mo generously gave us her time as we chatted about her life before bikes as an elite skiier, her disinterest in word games and all things that have culminated in her life and lead her to be the most exciting cyclist of the season.

Our Episodes are rarely edited but to ensure that Mo's personality and legacy is maintained we are presenting this episode almost entire uncut from beginning to end. Roll in Peace, Mo.

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