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Dec 30, 2022

WE'RE BACK!!! We were able to squeeze one more episode in before the end of the year. For us "squeeze" might not exactly be the most accurate word choice but we recorded an episode and we are making sure that there is a fresh WGTHO episode in your ears heading into 2023. Today, we had a return guest, Caitlin Dumas-Hein. With Caitlin being so immersed and invested in cycling and cycling infrastructure we envoked the round table format to wrap up the year: Cats, expensive butter, Specialized's removal of their Global Ambassador program, The FIFA World Cup that was still under way during our recording... Each of us are uniquely involved in spearate spaces of cycling so we gave a fresh take on whats happening in our lives there. And Caitlin shared her highs and lows of successfully creating and hosting her first, large scale, gravel event in Nebraska. No matter how long the wait between episodes we always try and brew a great conversation. Enjoy and Happy New Year!