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Dec 15, 2020

For this episode, I got to hang out with Freya Rawlins aka @Rockerawrrs. Freya is a UK cyclist that just recently relocated to Girona. At the time that Freya and I spoke she was only days away from relocating. We touched on so many different topics including what is taking her over to Spain and cycling at large.

One of the topics that Freya and I spoke about was intersectional environmentalism which she has poured so much of her passion. To get more education on Intersectional Environmentalism Freya recommends the Yikes Podcast (@theyikespodcast) as an accessible podcast which discusses all things from Intersectional Environmentalism, anti-racism, relationships, migrant rights and justice, fast fashion, plus so much more, hosted by Mikaela Loach (@mikealaloach) and Jo Becker (@treesnpeace) they also have an incredible array of guests!