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Nov 23, 2021

On this special episode we have the first American to win a World Cup in 27 years and NOW, the first ever short track World Champion, Christopher Blevins! Christopher may have had one of the most storybook cycling seasons in recent history. In addition to the accolades mentioned, he has also recently finished school at Cal Poly and produced a documentary covering the land and trails that he calls home in Cuyama Valley near San Luis Obispo. The name of this documentary is The Long Traverse. It's a film that brings you straight to the intersection of the preparation for an FKT (Fastest Known Time), the environmental consciousness that Christopher and his team use to build the trails in and around the valley along with the history, traditions and respect that they have for the rightful people of the land, The Chumash. We covered a gamut of topics as we always do on WGTHO and we hosted our first ever World Champion... and it won't be our last. Enjoy!